Roo Kline

If you’ve known me for a looooong time, you probably know me by my maiden name Laila Schlack, or by my first married name Laila ‘Roo’ McGee… or perhaps you have read some of my published stories under my pseudonymn Roberta Lewis (ah, but THAT was a long time ago and only a small handful were privy to that).  Born in Holland, raised in Australia, and currently settled in the USA, I’ve become a child of the world.

In my life I have worn many hats, and some of these I still pull out from time to time including admin assistant, secretary, red light camera adjudicator, graphic artist, web designer, semi-professional model, performer, dominatrix, photographer, dancer, reiki practitioner (well, The Radiance Technique to be more exact), aromatherapist, massage therapist, waitress, writer, and children’s clothing store owner (not necessarily in that order).

My full time career for the past eight years has been a mix of mother, wife, and fiber artist. Being able to transfer my art from movement, paper and computers to fiber was like a whole new world opening, and one I have embraced with great passion, especially as this is something that allows me to stay home with my ‘unschooled’ child.

Photography has become a focus of mine in my spare time. Since taking a class early in 2014 I’ve switched my DSLR camera button to MANUAL and there it stays, learning as I go.

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